Thursday, May 14, 2009

Truck Driver

On Tuesday, me and 3 of my friends needed to go get our furniture from Yurie's house because we all bought some from her since she will be leaving U.S soon. We rented a truck from U Haul at 2pm and i drove the truck!! It was so awesome man! The truck was V10. Normal sports car has V6 or V8. Meaning it is running on 6 valves or 8 valves. But this freaking truck was running on 10 valves!! It was sooo powerful man! First time in my life i drove a truck and well, guess i will add that to my resume later.. haha!

We shifted the stuffs from Yurie's house to our respectives house and then helped another friend to carry her stuffs to another home. After we're all done with it, my friend decided to ride on the trunk carriage since the truck only fits 3 person in the front. I kinda turn hard on corners on purpose just to play around with him! LOL. Then brake hard and accelerate fast. muahahaha..

That's the guys in front of the awesome truck!

I drove it all the way onto the lawn so that we dont have to carry the furniture that far and was later scolded by the physical plant officer! LOL. Oops!

That's Yu Jun who decided to get at the back and was locked up by us!

10 Valvess!!!

Anyway, i am almost done packing for my internship this saturday. Will be going to Duncan on Saturday but the apartment only will be furnished on Monday afternoon so i will be staying in a hotel for Saturday and Sunday before i get my apartment. Company's paying for the hotel so it sounds good !:)
Will be going out at 3am later to fetch one of my senior to the airport. He will be going back to Malaysia AGAIN!! :( Awww... Sad-nye. I hope i will be able to go back end of this year. We'll see! :) Till then, Adiosss!