Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Third day of school

It just the third day of school but it seems like tons of homeworks, assignments and workloads are already on my shoulder added with the burden of trying to settle down everything in this place. However, i love this place very much. The people, the culture, the weather, and lots more but definately not the food. Malaysian food rocks!! lolx. Anyway, got my first assignment yesterday, well not for my class or anything but for my Halliburton scholarship. 4 of us who were the recipient of the scholarship were required to look up informations on different aspects of the company designated to us. I got the finance and corporate history of Halliburton. So was kinda busy day yesterday and today and did not quite get the time to blog. Ohya, the assignment due today which i just presented and everything went well. No problem larr.. lol

So yesterday we went walmart again for our.....3rd round shopping? haha. Got a lot of stuffs and we're so broke. Ohya did i mention? the text book here were super expensive! Bought 3 books and it cost me 334 dollars.. :( Broke like shit!!

Yesterday we took our dinner at home with the things we bought at walmart. It is the best meal ever took here! There's some photos will be uploaded.

Then today as in Wednesday, my class was almost every hour and had my presentation for 2 hours with Dr Thompson, dean of engineering department in OSU and also received my 2nd assignment.. :( So sad. But with the busy day pass, i quickly came back with joy because I CAN GO TO THE GOLF SIMUALTOR ONCE AGAIN! hahaha... It was really cool and i needed to share with another indian there and we played together, this time with my own golf clubs. hehehe..

Then rush home because its dinner time. Henry and i are suppose to cook our Chickens today. Our cooperation are superb and we cook curry chickens with potatos and hotdogs couple with korean mees. Wooo!! I can smell the curry- ness of the chicken already now. So i will blog the taste of it later and post some photos.. Wahahah.. *Stop grumbling stomach! I know its nice smell..

lolx... Later people.. Kudossss


bernard said...

whoa both of u can cook so well? I don't even know how to start..haha