Monday, August 18, 2008

My Wife is finally here!

Dont get me wrong, my wife here that i meant is my GOLF SET!! Yahoo! After being stuck in Chiacago for the past days and living in OSU without my golf set, i am so glad to finally have it back! :) Just minutes after i posted my previous blog, someone came to my house, a Malaysian senior who took care of us named KL said, your golf bag is in my car! YAHOOOO!! i cant describe how excited i am. so i ran and get it and hug him and thank him like crazy..hahaha
Then came back and open the cover of my golf set then have some practice swings with it. Love it and miss it so much!!! :)
Anyway, instead of posting photos in my post eveytime, i decided to just post all my photos in one of my post that is the next post! So kudos people and enjoy the photos.. :)